Freemans Bay

“We highly recommend LeafBox Auckland to anyone moving house. Jill and the team were so helpful and went out of their way to deliver the boxes at a time that suited us. And the boxes themselves were so easy to pack and unpack. Best of all, there’s no cardboard waste!”


St. Heliers

“We used LeafBox Auckland when moving house before Christmas, it was super easy and convenient, and the service was exceptional. The boxes were solid and leak proof and so easy to use, plus they are stackable which made things so much easier for the movers.   Overall we are very happy with them and will definitely recommend them to others.  In fact I have already sent 2 potential customers your way!”


St. Johns

“What a fantastic product and company to deal with – the boxes arrived on time and were so easy to pack, manoeuvre, stack and move and the bonus were not having a large pile of boxes to get rid of.  The company went above and beyond offering great service when we were let down by our movers.  A fantastic product would highly recommend!”



“I recently used LeafBox Auckland to move my family and home. The service was easy to use, and I made a few schedule changes with no hassle at all. The boxes were delivered and stacked tidily into my garage. The boxes themselves to use were absolutely excellent – hardy, stackable and easy to pack into.  For when we moved, the movers found it so easy to wheel them out and stack them into the truck – I am sure it saved us money in the time they took.  Once we got to our new house, to be able to wheel the boxes to the rooms on the trolleys was so useful and saved numerous back breaking trips!  I would highly recommend using the LeafBox’s to everyone – as also the environmental friendly factor is a great bonus.  Thank you for all your help LeafBox Auckland!!”



"Overall, we were very impressed by the LeafBox Auckland hire. I like the idea of not having to buy 60 cardboard boxes and then having to dispose of them. The boxes were a great size and the fact that they stacked made the move very easy. It was great not having to tape boxes too. A great idea. I will recommend them to anyone moving house."


Mt Roskill

"The most professional and efficient company we've come across. Thank you!"


Glen Eden

" We were very happy with the service - very easy. The boxes were great. Loved not having to put on tape/take off tape, which saved us a lot of time. Having handles on the boxes were excellent and we just stacked all the boxes and moved in one go. I would definitely recommend it to others and would use it again if we ever move!"  



"We found the Leafboxes to be a fantastic alternative to cardboard boxes for our move. Not only were they much more sturdy, but they took up less space, were quicker to pack, and we didn't have to find somewhere to dispose of leftover boxes once our move was over. The Leafbox Auckland team were friendly and efficient. We'll definitely use them when we need to move again."  



"Leafbox Auckland is a wonderful solution I have used for both commercial and residential moves. The performance of the crates makes moving quicker at both ends of the move, and reducing the amount of cardboard waste is fantastic. Not having cardboard boxes bulging and breaking also made our gear more safely packed, and being able to move 5-6 crates at a time on the trolleys made it super easy to unload and move everything into its respective areas. The team were great to work with, and proactively communicated throughout the process."

Tony & Christine


"We really liked how the leafboxes were delivered to us and picked up.  The boxes were easy to pack, seal and unpack.  The movers we used also loved that they could easily stack the boxes without worrying about crushing them.  We also like that these boxes will be used over and over again.  We highly recommend Leafbox Auckland.  Thank you Jill and team."



“Leafboxes are solid (yet light), well sized (yet not bulky) and cheap (yet environmental friendly). If you add to this package a timely and friendly service, what else can you ask for?”


Chris B

Stonefields School

"The boxes were excellent and were very helpful in moving the school round at the end of the year. We appreciated how the boxes stacked and didn’t take up much space on arrival. The dollies were very convenient too for moving them around. Great service. We’ll definitely be using them again."

Angela and Team

TPS New Zealand Ltd

Many thanks – the hire & use of your green bins was one of the most straightforward and easy parts of our office move.  We relocated approx. 30 staff from a building that we had occupied for 21 years.  Having the green boxes not only made life so much easier for each staff member to pack and then unpack at the other end, but it was an environmentally friendly option which we felt better doing.   Feedback from various members of our team :   “The wheels were a life saver!!!!! “   “ Accolade’s to the supplier of the green bins.  Durable & spacious, tidy and perfect for moving items around.  I liked they’ve factored in Health & Safety – Manual Handling by providing moving wheels.  “   “ In regards to the bins – I loved them.  They could fit multiple things in them and then they were also convenient to stack and move with the wheels.  Much better than the waste of storage boxes that we would’ve had if we had chosen that product and also stronger so no chance of the bottoms falling out for too much waste. “   “They were awesome with delivery. They brought them up and put them where we wanted (that changed a few times). The bins are really good to use and so much more sturdy than cardboard.  Overall a 10/10 from me. “   “I thought they were awesome especially as I could pack my lever arch files as is, and unpack straight into the cupboard.”      


Dev Academy

"You were awesome and great at communicating pick up and delivery times. Wonderful to not be putting all that cardboard in the bin!"


Summit Forest New Zealand

"I am very happy to recommend the services of LeafBox Auckland.  LeafBox Auckland were willing to be flexible on the number of boxes I wanted to hire and the delivery times and were very friendly. Not using cardboard boxes is very important to me so I am very pleased there was a service like LeafBox Auckland available to use, that coupled with an excellent service and cost meant that I could do my job effectively and feel good about it too!"


Family Planning New Zealand

“We found LeafBox Auckland to be an incredibly easy to use service that completely fulfilled our renovation and packing needs. We especially loved not having to deal with ridiculous numbers of empty cardboard boxes after unpacking our offices!”

Fang Wei

Arrasco Paz Architecture

“Dear Jill  Thank you for helping to make our move so effortless. It was such a pleasure to deal with you and the team at LeafBox Auckland. We had a great experience using LeafBox to move our small office. Their website is clear and easy to navigate - we were able to put our order through without having to ask any questions. The whole team acted fast and were very helpful, and super friendly! We strongly recommend their services. Thank you again, for all your hard work, and we look forward to working with you again :)"


Dorrington Atcheson Architects

“I would be very happy to recommend LeafBox Auckland, the service was outstanding and the boxes were great to use. So much better than cardboard boxes that hang around for weeks after a move! Picked up and taken away on a day that I specified. An excellent service.”