LeafBox Reusable Moving Boxes

Cheaper, Convenient, Efficient and Eco-Friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.

- Size 68cm x 43cm x 32cm (73 Litre Volume)

- Our moving boxes come ready to use and are freshly sanitised with an eco-friendly cleaning agent after each use. No assembly required and they come with handles too! They arrive nested into each other 20 boxes high. We recommend stacking them 4-5 boxes high when loaded for convenience and safety.


From less than $2.50 a box per week

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LeafBox Moving Dolly

Individual Hire Items, Perfect for moving LeafBoxes

Our moving dolly is custom made for our Leafboxes and they come with 4 non marking caster wheels. Stack the boxes 4-5 boxes high and easily shift at least 100 Kilos of contents



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Hand Trolley

Individual Hire Items

- 250kg Capacity

- When moving house, having a hand trolley is very useful for moving those heavy odd shaped objects around. We make that even better with a Hand Trolley Blanket included with every hire. Save your back while saving your furniture’s finish.


$20 NZD / week

$10 NZD / extra week

Moving Blanket

Individual Hire Items

- 183 x 114cm

- Keep your precious belongings safe with this heavy weight fabric woven blanket. Professional moving companies use them, why shouldn’t you?


$8 NZD / week

$5 NZD / extra week

Packing Tape

Items for Sale, Packing Supplies

- Well, you won’t need any of these for our ready to use boxes, but they can still come in handy for use on your bubble wrap or packing paper, and probably the occasional archaic box you’re using to repack some of your appliances or gadgets.


1 roll = $5 NZD / item

3 rolls = $12 NZD / item

Cable Ties

Items for Sale, Packing Supplies

- Keep your possessions secure and avoid those spills with a cable tie. Each bundle comes FREE with a cable tie for each box but you can order more for extra security and peace of mind. They’re cheap as chips!


10 pcs = $2 NZD / item

Bubble Wrap

Items for Sale, Packing Supplies

- 500mm wide

- Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly

- Perfect for protecting those odd shaped valuables that need some extra protection. Also ideal for larger items that cannot fit into a moving box (Vases, Large Picture Frames and Paintings) best part is it is biodegradable so it will break down with the aid of UV light, oxygen or heat when discarded after use.


5 meters = $10 NZD / item

10 meters = $20 NZD / item

25 meters = $40 NZD / item

Packing Newsprint Paper

Items for Sale, Packing Supplies

- 720x780mm

- A cost effective packaging material ideal for wrapping fragile items and as void fill. It can also be used when packing interweaving crockery and fragile items.


2kg Approx 80 sheets = $22 NZD / item


Items for Sale, Packing Supplies

- Permanent felt tipped markers for use with our sticky labels. Note: Please do not use directly on the Leafboxes. Use the FREE sticky labels provided with every bundle.


1 pen = $3 NZD / item

3 pens = $8 NZD / item

Acid Free Tissue Paper

Items for Sale, Packing Supplies

- 500mm x 750mm 18gsm

- Ideal for wrapping clothing, albums and other keepsakes because it is free of the acids that will cause it to deteriorate over time and damage the items it is in contact with.


50 sheets = $15 NZD / item

Label Sticker

Items for Sale, Packing Supplies

- Get organised and label your boxes accordingly from what’s in it, where it came from and where it’s going. Each bundle comes FREE with a label sticker for each box, but you can order some more to be extra clear on your instructions.


10 pcs = $1 NZD / item

25 pcs = $2 NZD / item

Pop Starch Biodegradable Loose Fill Pop

Items for Sale, Packing Supplies

- 100% Biodegradable Loose fill proudly New Zealand made

- Starch made and compostable

- The ultimate filler ideal as void fill and for the protection of fragile, sharp or pointed Items, and after using it you can chuck it in the compost bin and forget about it, how cool is that?!


10L - $10.00

350L- $119.00

Make Moving House Stress-Free!

"Save time, money and your back while saving the environment."